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Late October

I was planning on giving my painting arm a rest for the next few weeks but it's not really working out. It's funny how when you want to paint the inspiration's not there and then when you need to take a break you suddenly know what to do and really want to do it. In my case, wafty scribble paintings in oil on canvas. These ones don't work on board, the paint moves about too much.
They're all smaller ones, I'm in the process of working some larger ones up (watch them not work now...).

It's been a good couple of weeks in any case, lots of Cuphead (game, pictured below), a soundtrack of Squarepusher and lots of fruit crumble with cream.
Cuphead is the best game I have played in ages. I'm awful at it but that doesn't stop it being fun, aurally and visually stunning too. The soundtrack!!!!!! Honestly, it's the best game soundtrack ever, from the inevitable YouTube comments section "This jazz is so smooth that you're sliding on the floor&q…

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