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Space Monkeys & Resin Skulls

I made quite a few paintings in the latter part of 2017, lots of blue ones and loose ones. I'm just at a mulling over sort of point, mulling over colour and content. The blue ones were fun to make, I love the smell of the oil paint and the turps and the white spirit. Linseed oil, pigment (which doesn't smell but has a good texture and depth of tone).
I re-discovered KAWS recently, I remember his work from when I was at uni and selling anything and everything on ebay so I could buy Dalek Space Monkey figurines. At the time I remember seeing figurines by KAWS on Kidrobot, you know how it is though, Space Monkeys were a serious priority! Also, I had studio fees racking up. For some reason I never managed to buy a yellow Space Monkey, I can't remember why. This is now a saved search of mine on ebay.. Yellow Space Monkey. He'll turn up eventually. I never got round to buying a KAWS Companion... One day.
My Space Monkeys are definitely NOT in collectable condition. Their li…

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