Back on Blogger

Thought I'd write a little post about my blog woes! I left blogger a while back because I couldn't figure out how to delete some of my pictures & it wouldn't let me upload new ones (probably a really simple fix out there on the internet). I'm very impulsive so I happily deleted the 5 - 6 years' worth of blog & set up a Tumblr, which was ok but not as good. I then tried Wordpress but I have no idea why I did that because I've always found it impossibly hard to use - I'm no good at interwebby stuff - the Wordpress one got deleted very quickly!! The Tumblr's still in use, for the time being in any case, possibly only because of some of the feeds I follow like Bullseye Contestants, a weird blast from the past that Rich's brother directed me to.
I then changed my website over from Clickpic to Picmoo, both of these hosts let you have a blog on your site and Picmoo's is much better than Clickpic's but even so, it didn't function the way I like a blog to. You should go on a blog and all the posts just unfurl themselves for you, no clicking to read more. So, back to blogger, idiot-proof blogger!

Here is a photo of my bruiser of a son who always seems to have a scab or a bruise on show. Ready with his smiles though & very cuddly!

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