Acryl Gouache

Wrapped up the Spring/Summer series of works a couple of weeks ago. It was good to work in a different sort of style for a while, especially good to try a different medium - fast and fun mainly! I moved over to acrylic gouache for a couple of reasons, firstly I felt like I had absolutely no time whatsoever and everything in the studio was moving along so slowly - my oil paintings take ages to develop you see. Secondly James had been having loads of asthma problems, he was on 8 blue puffs every 4 hours and the doctors were insistent we should just keep trying to wean him off the salbutamol hospital plan and it wasn't working so I started worrying my varnish/turps/white spirit fumes were causing him problems. Turned out all he needed was a preventor inhaler but it took countless trips to the docs, a couple of hospitalizations and several doses of steroid tablets till one of the doctors finally decided it would be the best thing for him. They seem loath to say a preschooler has asthma and that's fine, it was just a total faff and he was breathless all the time - I felt so bad for him!
Oh and thirdly I'd said I'd provide a coherent series of 11 paintings for a UK-based painting rental company who had approached me after seeing my work on Saatchi Art. I like a challenge but it was rather a big one to take on what with the boys and all. Still, I got it done and got some good work out of it, worked out a lot of ideas in any case.
I had a good browse through the Jackson's Art catalogue & discovered Tuner Acryl Gouache, an awesome matte acrylic paint from Japan. Seriously, the Japanese are masters of colour, that paint range is gorgeous & a total pleasure to work with, I can highly recommend it - I found it pretty affordable too.

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