Hello, there's a feature on me and my work in this week's Mildred, a wonderful online magazine based in Australia. The feature section is called 'Art's sake' and each week they profile an artist or maker alongside images of their work, nice!

I was pretty chuffed to have been contacted, I have a thing about Australia at the moment, it's really been in my mind, probably because of Instagram, there are some amazing Aussie artists out there, not to mention all the bloggers.
I'm not a traveller in any sense of the word but perhaps, maybe one day a long way away in the future I might do that plane journey and visit. My parents wanted to emigrate to Aus before I was born - the story goes that my Granny wasn't keen at all, AT ALL, and so they didn't - I'm glad they didn't because I wouldn't have the relationship with my grandparents that I do now if we'd grown up so far away.
Rich's best friend lives over in Australia and I always think of her and her confusion over her flatmate's complaint about 'the thongs scattered all over the balcony' whenever I see a pair of flip flops... Apparently flip flops get called 'thongs' over there! (Aside for those who don't know, we call g-strings thongs over here)

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