Paintings in fake rooms and other notelets

Why are these so popular? Paintings in fake rooms I mean. You know the thing I'm talking about, those dodgy photo-shopped images of paintings 'hanging' in stock photos. Half the time they look weird and half the time the scale's all wrong. Maybe the real issue here is that I just like to slag everything off, Rich always says that's my M.O. in any case. I suppose it makes it easier for a nervous buyer to picture the product in situ but what if they see it a certain way and then find it's smaller/bigger in real life?
I don't know, I think they just look a little naff.

Rave music
Speaking of naff, I was thinking the other night that if I had a time machine I would go to a few late 80s/early 90s raves (anything but naff but the word 'naff' fits the time-scale). I absolutely love rave music, I reckon because it was sort of in the background of my childhood. Don't real proper raves look like fun? None of this getting super tarted up in crazy high heels, just dressing comfortably and dancing all night...
I have been listening to Altern8 this week!

Will they stay or will they go? I'm fairly tired of hearing about it now and can't wait to hear which way it goes. If the shoe was on the other foot then I'm sure I'd probably vote Yes with my heart and No with my head. I love England like crazy though, so I can understand the Yes voters and how they must be feeling.

The Motorway: Life in the Fast Lane on BBC2 - fascinating programme if you love motorways like I do. I think that if I wasn't an artist I would try to get a job with the Highways Agency.

I want to eat takeaway so much at the moment. I'm fancying Chinese in particular, I had one a few months ago and it was delicious!

Thanks to
Whoever invented the lay-by. I have spent so much time in lay-bys over the last year since James toilet trained himself! I was driving home from Wales the other day and suddenly in my rearview mirror James appeared as he attempted to climb through into the front of the car! We were on a zippy dual carriageway and I was terrified because he couldn't strap himself back in... Hello lay-by, my saviour! I like dual carriageway lay-bys because some of them are separated safely from the traffic with that road-fency stuff (good job I'm a semi-decent painter, I doubt the Highways Agency would have me!).

Julian Barrat (aka Howard Moon). This man is the best narrator ever, he should do audiobooks - he's just got such a soothing voice. And I'm not just saying this because he narrates The Motorway: Life in the Fast Lane.

A full-on fair isle dress. Yarn is ordered, pattern has been purchased, much excitement here for the cast-on day (right after I finish the dress I'm knitting!). I will be warm this winter while I walk James to and from his school. Wool is good when it's raining too so I shouldn't get too wet either although Rich did buy me a lovely jacket by one of those walking/outdoors companies. Next thing to knit will be long fair isle legwarmers as my knees always get chilly when it's windy and snowy.

Maybe I'll post some pictures next time!

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