Portrait Artist of the Year 2014

This is a great programme!!! It's on Sky Arts or Sky 1 or something, I'm not sure, it's Sky in any case. If you ever watched Watercolour Challenge then it's a bit like that except the prize is much better (a £10,000 portrait commission). I'd missed most of it but Rich wandered round the Sky box and rounded all the episodes up for me which I then binged on. The format is simple and the artists are so brave, basically they have to paint a portrait in 4 hours with the public watching and Frank Skinner asking them questions from time to time. Frank Skinner is hilarious, I absolutely love him on this programme. But seriously, going into such a high-pressure painting situation with the potential for it to go so wrong (because faces can and do go wrong) is very brave!

Haven't anything else to add really. The piece my son is hitting with a loo roll (above) is titled 'Dorlinda' and was a bit of a pigment/colour experiment but I think I'm going the other way. I was feeling a bit stuck again but after starting a commission in bold pinks and turquoises I feel much better about where to go with the work for a bit. I've also been ridiculously inspired by a skein of yarn I'm having for Christmas. By Hedgehog Fibres it's reminiscent of my late afternoon walks down the lanes nearby and the setting sun in the sky. The colourway is 'Granny'.

Looking forward to the usual enforced break over Christmas, the slowing down and the reflection on life and all that - it's what I usually do in any case. I love it and like to go for a walk on my own to have a good think.
Our Christmas tree is still in its box in the wardrobe, I think we'll get it out this weekend (it gets on my nerves if it's up too long).

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