7 months

So it's been about 7 months since I last posted here and I must say that I'm feeling a LOT more like myself, motivated (finally) and excited about my work again. Around March time I was feeling extremely unhappy with everything art related, EVERYTHING. I sincerely wanted to shut the door on it all and do something completely different (I had vague plans to start dyeing yarn for a living!).
The yarn I dyed wasn't bad but it wasn't anything new, there are so many amazing dyers out there doing a much better job than I ever would have done. But I'm glad I stepped back and took that time because I feel I've been piling pressure on myself for years. The mistakes I've made and the feeling that I'm being taken advantage of and not at all valued have been eating away at me. I've had to make adjustments to the way I do things and have been working at forgetting all the crap stuff/learning from it to ensure I don't end up the same way again. I think that I've finally learnt to say no.

I plan to be back blogging regularly from now on. By regularly I think I mean every few weeks - I'm not promising anything more.

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