So I rediscovered my little gold charm bracelet (built up as a child). I'd convinced myself that it didn't fit me, tried it on and it does! So I had a rummage about in my boxes and found some gold charms my Granny had given me years ago and I decided to just get them attached and start wearing it again. Then I went on Pinterest and discovered Sandy's Vintage Charms and had a little splurge after being paid for some work (NOT a good idea - we're trying to save a deposit at the moment...).

These are the ones from Sandy! Beautiful sparkly vintage citrine and heart-shaped agate, rose gold Edwardian bracelet and an articulated enamelled fish (he's coming off at some point, too snaggy - he's definitely destined for a necklace!). Pretty, also something to gradually add to in time, I think I may keep this bracelet for vintage rose gold and semi-precious stone charms.

This silver one is my 'late teens and twenties' bracelet. It has some lovely pieces on it, a favourite is the glass/silver charm from Venice. The head and evil eye charms are from a trip to Turkey when I managed to crack my head open on the first night (drunk, not a good example of Brits abroad). I added a final charm to this bracelet the other day, a little monkey 'pudding charm' that was in a collection of bits from Rich's Grandma's house.

My childhood charm bracelet! Complete with artist's palette, rollerblade (!) and cheesey 18 key which was requested by me, I always liked them as a child when we went into Clinton Cards to look at the Troll dolls... I had a few loose gold charms added to this (in the whopping charm bracelet soldering order). The loose charms include the heart locket, the triangular whizzy one and another Venetian glass piece.

Last of all, my Mum's bracelet from her childhood/teenage years. I LOVE this, I loved it when I was younger (I used to sneak it out of Mum's jewellery box so I could look at it). It has several articulated charms and a chequebook with paper cheques inside! The cheques got a little spoilt when Mum did the dishes wearing her bracelet, but they're still there and the ink didn't run. Mum gave the bracelet to me on my 21st birthday, she had added an extra charm for luck (the heart), because there were 13 charms on it (the house/shield are soldered on as one). I cried when I opened the box on my birthday (made everyone nice and uncomfortable!), it really meant a lot to me though, I'm very sentimental about these things. I know they're just little bits of metal but each one has a story or a memory with it, even my new bracelet.

By the way, the silver ones are really good value and there are so many amazing charms out there on ebay and the like (or Sandy's Vintage Charms). I quite fancy starting a necklace too.

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