A Month of Posts

For a bit of fun and to get myself in a 'life documenting' frame of mind I've decided to do a NaBloPoMo type thing, a month of posting daily. I used to do this occasionally on my old blog and I like looking back on the mundane images accumulated!

Here's today's image collection.

Lovely blended & sparkly paintings I made in February this year. I don't think that I uploaded these to any sites but they've been shot and cropped and everything necessary today so hopefully I'll gradually work through the backlog (these aren't the only ones).

Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift. Probably my favourite yarn ever - I'm really excited to start the project I have planned for this (a Winter skirt).

Miniature things on my newly acquired printer's trays. They were filthy when they arrived and I had a fun afternoon in the freezing cold, soaking and blasting the old paper backing off; I'm pleased with how they came up. James had a lot of fun filling the section with all the bottles (ebay, a vintage collectables brand called Alpa). I'll photograph them a little later this month once I've hung them up and filled them both.

Sweet peas. Thanks to the weather & possibly where I planted them has led to few flowers this year - I'll try a different loaction next year.

Another ebay find, vintage miniature horseshoes. I got two which are blacksmith-made from nails, the other two are pressed or poured (not sure) and are charms!

Ted and tiny Monchichi on the studio windowsill watching over my amazing Bilum gradient yarn (soon to be my Mum's birthday present!).

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