Month of Posts - day 18 - charms again

I'm still in my charm phase, firmly in it. I've recently become a little obsessed with hunting down Pear's Soap charms since the addition of one to my 'proper vintage' bracelet, the bracelet bordering on antique. I decided to only add Victorian/Edwardian & early Twentieth Century charms to this one, a beautiful rose gold bracelet dated 1910.
I got the first 3 (and the bracelet) from Sandy's Vintage Charms, an absolute treasure trove (and regularly updated). After missing out on a Pear's Soap charm from one of her updates I got google fever and was lucky enough to find one at an antiques centre nearby.

A sweet holiday themed bracelet Nana gave me years ago, just silvertone (which is great, it's not tarnished or peeled or anything). I like it especially because it has an aeroplane on it, James likes the crab. If I wear it on a visit to Nana's house, she always admires it and then swears blind she never gave it to me. She really did.

A little bracelet I started recently with an old pudding charm and a pretty carved shell flower. Both of these little ones were found in a box of Maureen's bits and bobs (Rich's grandma). I've always been insistent that charms should be soldered onto bracelets but my sister recently made herself a bracelet just with jump rings and pliers. I bought some jump rings and wouldn't you know? They work really well for low-value, lightweight charms!

Ooh, yes! I found another one. Added a new bale and it's ready to find a new home. I was sad after I'd sold my last one, although the lady who bought it was pleased as punch! I'll uplaod it to my Etsy shop later today (BirdsongTrinkets).

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