Month of Posts - day 23

This morning I took the boys to Rudyard Lake Steam Railway, a family favourite as it's lovely and just down the road. James kept coming down the night before (after he'd been put to bed), and on the third trip downstairs he told me Oliver was asking if they could go to the trains in the morning. Why not? Yes, let's go to the trains!
So we did. I thought that as the station cafe is open from 10am that the trains would be running from 10am too, but they take time to get up steam and actually run from 11am. No problem, we went for a lovely walk down past the stream, up to the top of the dam and then to the restored visitors' boat house. By the time we got back to the station the train was nearly ready to go. I can wholeheartedly recommend the train, it's good value (£4.50 adult return, £3 child return, children under 3 go free), the volunteers are lovely, they're also careful to open during school holidays year-round (they close during the week during term-time).

Apparently Rudyard Lake was made as a reservoir for the canal network. The dam and run-offs are beautifully engineered, it's such a pleasant place to visit, lots to look at. I would love to see the big run-off in action one day - I'll have to remember to visit next time it rains for a whole month.

Ol is a little intrigued by rainbows at the moment, he loved seeing them on his skin!

James's blanket, it turned out really well!

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