I had orders to 'make ALL the paper chains!', the boys had begun to lose interest by this point. I kept going and we have a slightly excessive paper chain display area now.
James finishes school today! I'm really excited for the break, I like having him around too.

The mist & fog have been really atmospheric recently, I like looking out, seeing it thicken and shift and drift in the breeze. The birds all sit in the tree outside and wait for me to throw seed for them to eat. I love watching the birds.

I was going to treat myself to some knitting today but I keep finding other things I need to do. I definitely don't need to blog so maybe I'll make a cup of tea and go and do some knitting now. I've taken to sitting in a chair in our bedroom while I knit, I sit by the window and watch the weather and the sky.
There's loads going on in the studio, I need to photograph it all really, the light has been so bad though and I'd rather wait till it's better to take photos.

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