December photos

Lovely photos of my Nana and Gramps (& mum) that I found whilst noseying about in my mum and dad's photo cabinet.

Mist and attempts at stealthily photgraphing the blackbirds (which didn't really work). The mist has been great recently, I love how rapidly it descends on the moor, very atmospheric.

A painting I made for Rich on an MDF offcut.

My current favourite spot in the house, a little chair in the corner of our bedroom, above is the view from the chair. A tawny owl sometimes sits in the tree and 'too-whits' for a few minutes - I like it when the owl wakes me up.

Detail of 'Constance', a recently finished painting. Not properly photographed yet because it's big and it's  troublesome in terms of camera/colour/reflection etc. I hate photographing my work! Absolutely gorgeous piece though, I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Details from 'Susan'.

After the Christmas tree lights broke I found new ones via Lights4fun, a really good online shop based in the UK. I bought some battery powered pastel-coloured fairy lights for the boys' room and they were a hit! At bath time we have to have all the lights off bar the fairy lights... Really good quality lights, plus they've got a sale on at the moment.

Couple of paintings I've finished recently. I've been feeling very 'mmm.... paint' recently. So, just enjoying the stuff, I love oil paint so much. The paintings above are called 'Willa' and 'Myrtle'.

To recap, December was a nice month, good old Christmas was tiring as ever but lovely.
We went to Tatton Park the day after Jim broke up from school, they had decorated the mansion with all the rooms on show being Roald Dahl book themed - it was great! We got in early as I hate crowds, lots of idiots there though, walking through life with their phones out in front of them, 'must take photos/video of everything my child does/experiences...'. I stubbornly left my phone in my pocket as there was no way I was joining their zombie ranks.

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