Month of Posts - Winter Edition - Day 1

I really enjoyed reading back through my August/September Month of Posts the other day so I thought I'd do a Winter one. I started this last week but came down with a grim virus (which I'll describe tomorrow, it was foul!). Re-started today as something to occupy myself with - I do love January/February and their pastel-coloured skies, bare branches and wild weather.

Here are some photos from today.

Flowers Ol found on the way to school yesterday and brought home to cheer me up.

Below is a box of the tastiest tea I've had in ages, lovely and strong. Mum gave me a mug of it on a visit before Christmas and she thought it had come from Ikea. I searched online for the company and happened upon their post-Christmas sale! Woohoo! 30% off, so I bought some of their Christmas spiced blend, Earl Grey & the lovely English Breakfast. According to their Instagram feed they're now supplying tea to selected Sainsbury's shops too.
We've tried a few brands of tea over the years and we always come back to PG Tips for the main bulk of our tea-making activity. I do like variety though, so I supplement the PG Tips with Various Earl Grey blends, Lady Grey and other fancier English Breakfast blends too, also the occasional Rooibos. A definite 'must try again' is the Empress Grey blend from M&S, I was lucky enough to get two mugs of this at my friend Kate's mum and dad's house over Christmas and it's lovely. I do like M&S tea though, they do good tea.

Charms... I bought two lovely old Victorian/Edwardian ones before Christmas, the twinkly Goldstone lucky bean and cube, both with original brass bale & jump ring. The cube is definitely going on my 'almost antique' charm bracelet at some point and the bean is proving to be lovely to wear on a necklace. I haven't captured the sparkle of this stone at all, it's really magical & looks as if it's been made with fine glitter and resin rather than coming out of the ground!

Having some quiet knitting time upstairs while Ol napped on the sofa. I watched What Do Artists Do All Day? the Tracey Emin episode.
I also did a bit of knitting planning because I have lots of jumpers and cardigans that I'd like to make this year. The sausage-shaped grey piece of knitting is an unblocked sleeve (blocking flattens it out and evens your stitches).

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