Month of Posts - Winter Edition - Day 2

Today was a quiet and chilly day. After Ol and I had dropped James off at school and warmed ourselves back up I did the final layer on the above painting. Then I fannied about upstairs getting photos of it (despite it being cloudy), did the edits and uploaded it.
As the day went on I tried to relax and rest, always harder than it sounds - the laundry, the dishes!

Then it snowed! Finally. I know it's silly to get excited about snow, I know it's a pain for a lot of people, particularly if commuting, but if you haven't got to go anywhere and you can just enjoy it then it's great.
Ol and I bundled up and went to get James (armed with a pair of wellies for him to change into). Absolute joy at the school, I love how snow has that effect on children (can you tell I don't teach?), shrieks, skids, snowballs... We had a lovely cold walk home in the freezing low cloud that followed the snow shower and then the boys played in the garden. They were both very miffed because we couldn't use their sledges, my cries of 'there's not enough snow!' fell on deaf ears.

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