Month of Posts - Winter Edition - Day 6

This was yesterday. Hexbugs (a Christmas wildcard present), Ol loves the Hexbugs, he sets them off and then traps them in boxes and wanders off. You walk into a room, hear a weird noise and then have to find where he's trapped the bug. They're great value little toys, the original one was £3 (on sale) in Toys R Us, the saving grace of my visit to Toys R Us!

Currently re-reading Precious Bane by Mary Webb. This book is wonderful, the author writes so evocatively of the countryside and of nature, also of the time period that the book is set in. For me it's a very immersive read although I do exclaim from time to time 'Gideon is crazy!', Gideon (the protagonist Prue's brother) is a total barmpot, completely driven by money & bettering their situation in life. Prue on the other hand only wants the simple things in life, a husband, a family and companionship. I'm sure you can guess what happens in the end, it's very satisfying although sad in a way, it's just a shame Gideon doesn't learn from Prue. That Gideon!

It was bed-linen changing day yesterday... I decided to put on our oldest duvet cover, Rich's one that he went away to uni with. It's all bobbled and really warm and homely, just what I need this week.

Lovely box my mum stitched the top of and gave to me for my 18th birthday. She then stitched a newer top for it for my 29th birthday, it's beaded and has little charms on it. I wanted to see if my bangles (below) would fit inside but they were too big. The box has little treasures inside, locks of the boys' baby hair, my blood doner awards (you get little enamelled pin badges for milestone donations).

Bright vintage hand-painted papier mache bangles I bought on Etsy. Both boys immediately tried to wander off with them, they're very pretty so I can understand why!

It was still misty at bedtime. It's a tiny bit better today but not much! I can't say that I'm enjoying the mist much anymore, it's a bit boring day after day.

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