Month of Posts - Winter Edition - Day 8

It's been a busy sort of day here, I've got some sort of motivation back and have begun the stack of ebay listings I meant to do a couple of weeks ago. I've decided to do it in waves, today was yarn, next Thursday will be other auctions and in between will be the buy it now items... It's less of a slog than it used to be but the fees really do add up, still, no other sites seem to get the buyers like ebay do and I use it all the time myself as a buyer. I must show you the agate charm I got last week. I'll photograph it tomorrow...

It's been a good couple of weeks work-wise with lots of commission enquiries. I'm feeling like having a good Spring clean of all my selling spaces online, I've re-opened the Etsy shop this morning and mean to stock it up with all my tiny paintings which are languishing in the studio drawers.
The Etsy shop will be for more affordable paintings, the next step up will be Original Art Under 100, then Saatchi and Art Pistol. It all takes ages, particularly Etsy because they're always banging on about good product photography. I know where they're coming from, I'm just not good at product photography and don't like to think of art as a product although it is really isn't it? It's a product of my brain and my arms and my hands and I sell it for profit.

It's cold and grey up here today but it's not misty anymore! I spent a lot of time yesterday sat on the bed upstairs, knitting and watching knitting podcasts. Found a couple of Christmas chocolates in my knitting bag, much to Ol's delight - he's a real chocolate fiend!

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