Month of Posts - Winter Edition - Days 18 & 19

I'm working on the time-sensitive commission, work has been good so far but I'm not at the stage I hate, trying to get the layering done and trying to get it right.

I wrote that early on Saturday morning, before spending several hours on the painting. It's looking a lot better now and is making me feel less nervous! I go through funny phases with commissioned paintings, particularly near the beginning when they look rubbish and I feel that I've never going to be able to make them work.

Sunday was such a surprising morning with a frost, a beautiful dusting of snow and my favourite pastel-coloured skies. Our bedroom is North facing (as is the studio), the North is absolutely my favourite for sky-watching, you see the most stunning subtle colours in the North, particularly at dawn and dusk. 
The boys didn't stay out in the crust of snow for long, James seemed poorly and Ol didn't want to stay out on his own. They spent the afternoon building dens while I worked.

 Twinkling little drops on the little acer. I love looking out, even though the garden is a bit of a mess. I watched a little collective of Blue Tits nibbling the buds off a neighbour's tree, I didn't know they did that.

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