Month of Posts - Winter Edition - Day 21

Taking down the Chinese lanterns Josie brought us. Oliver wanted to do the collapsing and then when we'd collapsed them he wanted to put them back up again. These pictures are from Sunday so I'm lagging quite far behind on the month of posts, not that it matters! It's been fun to do, just to take lots of pictures of the boys and of our home and of the things the boys are doing/making (I like to look back on the pictures).

Much of the weekend was spent on the commission work, Rich was out all day on Sunday so I had the boys to myself. Now they're both older they need less entertaining, they always seem to find something to do or to play with. Arguments aside (they have about one every hour), it's pleasant to hear them in the background as I do the housework and paint although I only really paint during the day if I've got a deadline to meet, Ol is still very unpredictable with paint and pencils.

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