Month of Posts - Winter Edition - Day 22

We had to visit the doctor in the morning as James's asthma was playing up. Our doctor's surgery has a system whereby you ring on the day you require your appointment. Lines open at 8am and it's always a case of them being engaged so you hang up, redial, hang up, redial... Anyway, I'm persistent and I got through quite quickly but heard two different appointment times from the receptionist and by the time my brain had processed the second one (9.25), we had said our goodbyes. I wasn't about to sit there and try to get through again so I decided to pack a couple of books in my handbag to entertain the boys with if I'd heard right the first time and go down for the 9.25 I wasn't 100% sure I'd heard right (I was sure she'd said 9.45 originally!).
We were running late for the 9.25 appointment and after a fight with the seat belt buckle under Ol's chair, parking the car and then buying a ticket - we had one minute to spare. The little check-in computer said his appointment was for 9.25. I was so glad I'd semi-trusted my foggy brain! Luckily the system stacks the patients so the lady whose appointment was after ours went in first, so no time wasted because of my idiocy - how hard is it to double-check the time before you hang up on the receptionist? Not hard at all!

Anyway, James had a chest full of wheeze, a prescription for the magic pink pills and a sticker from the doctor for being a good lad. I could only think about mugs of tea at this point, tea and the fact that we hadn't any milk, so we nipped to Sainsbury's to get the milk (and I got fleeced into buying James a pair of Valentine's Day soft toys...). On the brief walk to the shop we bumped into one of James's teachers (cue feelings of guilt because he looked pale but healthy!), typical really.

Once we got home I got my multiple mugs of tea and we settled James into his pill routine. I remember the first time he had the little steroid pills, when he was 2 and didn't understand why the nurses wanted him to drink this vile liquid. He's great with it all now and the asthmatic episodes feel as though they're becoming further apart, we certainly know the symptoms and get the steroids before he gets bad enough to warrant a hospital visit - funnily enough it often seems to happen at the weekend.
I watched a programme on BBC 4 about the rise in childhood/adult allergies and asthma and their link to the cleanliness of our modern homes but also to antibiotic use in early childhood which they suspect wipes out all the bacteria in the gut and can trigger this. James had a whacking load of antibiotics when he turned 2 and was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia*, six months later he was in again but with an asthma attack and his asthma is ongoing although we've got it under control now. I'm not the most hygienic person you'll ever meet, so although I hate mess I'll still eat things that have dropped on the floor or that are past their use by date (within reason). I've certainly been much more encouraging of James's garden excavation activities since watching that programme!

*Which I must say I'm glad they treated so rapidly, he was in a bad way at the time. If it's antibiotics or taking our chances with his life then I'd go for the antibiotics.

I did a different oil painting commission for this company last year, the colours are off in the above picture but the same thing has happened again - I really want to keep this painting! It's gorgeous and yes it's been a stressful one to re-create and I always say I can't re-create paintings because they're abstracts, but it turns out that I can to some extent. The green is more emerald in colour, the pinks more coral.

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