Month of Posts - Summer 2017 - Days 9, 10 & 11

The first sign of decent weather and I'm raiding the laundry baskets. It's funny how laundry, or 'washing' as my sister calls it, has become such an important 'thing' in my life... I think that it's mainly because it builds up so quickly these days. I hate the in-between times of the year, late Spring and late Summer (only in a laundry sense), the times when the heating isn't on yet but things aren't drying. I keep the windows on vent for air circulation but the washing takes so long to dry, it gets on my nerves. And large items like bed linen are the worst!

I thought I would be able to get lots of knitting done on this blanket during the week but I've ended up spending lots of time in the studio and on the computer so the blanket is incomplete. I need a good hot/sunny day to wash and block it so I should get a move on really (blocking's when you soak your knitted item and then pin it to shape and let it dry; it then keeps the new shape you have given it.).

Our neighbourhood needs a few more trees, I love listening to their leaves, watching the birds amongst the branches and also, they're great screens because it's not great to look out of your bedroom window straight into your neighbour's garden/patio doors. So many people round here seem to absolutely hate trees, it's so annoying. My other tree peeve is when people start 'pruning' them (hacking branches off), to which the trees respond by sending out tall shoots, doubling in size and goading the pruners into cutting them down. Poor mutilated trees, gives me the rage.

Lovely pure wool my mum bought for me. I'm going to knit myself a warm woolly shawl with it.

I've accidentally made these two canvases into a scary Scooby-Doo ghoul face... There is work to be done there but I'm very happy with the lovely pthalo blue, my very favourite pigment to work with.

Pretty evening sky. The local swallows have been drifting about over the estate again this year, mostly in the evenings. It's lovely to listen to them and try to spot them in the sky. I love how quiet it gets in the evenings, the stars start to appear and the planes keep flying over, just less frequently... It's so cold now, the little bite in the air which reminds me that Autumn is on her way. I like to make comforting stodgy meals, stews, soups and lots of fruit crumbles.

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