Month of Posts - Summer 2017 - Days 15 - 19

It's been such a mixed August this year, weather-wise I mean. Still, we rush out when it stops raining, the boys get on their bikes and burn off some steam. I do my usual thing of planning the washing round the weather, feeling extra happy if I get a wash of towels on the line (or anything similarly slow-drying for that matter).
The upside to this dreary weather is to be found in the kitchen; I love to make warming slow-cooked curries and fruit crumbles and to have candles burning. Candles always make the house feel so cosy! I still love those Yankee Candle Wax Tarts, I bought a selection box of them from ebay and apart from one scent (Baby Powder) which made me feel sick, they've been great!

I'm still mulling the Scooby Doo creepy face painting over... Also mulling over a commission I'm a little stuck on. Fun!
I have received my 11 paintings back from Little Van Gogh, a touring exhibitions in offices company. They've had the works since 2014 so I was glad to get them back. Now for touching them up (I am dreading this part, I find mixing acrylics a lot harder than mixing oils...

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