Month of Posts - Summer 2017 - Days 20 to 25

Just another week of painting, of hoping for good weather and not always getting it, knitting and making things. The caterpillars have crawled away, I spotted one of them on the window and noticed that they had both climbed up to the eaves where they then settled. This morning they've completely changed shape (this is fascinating to me, I've never seen it before!) so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few days and how long the whole process will take. I could google it but I'll watch instead.

I'm just standing in the studio with a brewing sicky-type headache (possibly from turps fumes). I've almost finished the diptych piece and have been layering up a commissioned painting, the best sort of commission, a 'do what you like' kind. It's pretty but needs some more work and some more thought. Needs a good 24 hours of drying time now.

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