I gave up on the month of posts... The weather was getting to me, in a weird way I had told myself that if I kept taking photos every day then the weather would improve (it always does!!), but it didn't. I'm quite over it now, it's Autumn after all and I'm really enjoying watching the leaves fall like confetti. We have a lovely tree in our garden, I must ask Dad what sort it is. Its leaves always appear later than the other trees' leaves and when it drops its leaves they really do look like confetti.

I've been doing a fair bit of painting over the last couple of months, some commission work, some of my own work. I've decided not to take on any more commissions for a while now due to RSI in my painting arm. 

Saatchi Art got in touch to ask whether I would be interested in participating in their new curated limited edition prints project. Limited by Saatchi Art is a sister site featuring limited edition prints by selected artists from across the globe. This was lovely for me as I hadn't really felt I'd been very consistent with my painting over the last few years (since Ol was born). I had several episodes of deleting LOADS of works from my portfolio and deciding to jack it all in. It's funny how a series of small events can snowball, also, being the one at home with the children is lovely but relentless, much harder than my old catering job was.

Ol has just started nursery and is really enjoying himself. I'm gradually getting used to having the house to myself for 3 hours a day, it's lovely, not as lovely as seeing Ol merrily run inside when I drop him off at nursery though. I remember James hating nursery at first, he would get so upset some days it was awful to have to walk away from him.

But enough about children! I've recently joined Fine Art America, a fab print-based site who also put images onto towels and bags and phone cases as well as producing canvases etc. I'd never tried them before as (from their name) I had assumed it was an American site for American artists! But they're very inclusive, it's completely international and I'm very much enjoying gradually uploading works, it's nice and easy to do.
Artist Lane are due to launch their new website soon and should (hopefully) have a few new pieces of mine on there. I had the new paintings photographed by a local professional photographer and was massively disappointed as they didn't seem to understand the need for soft light. The images came out with sections of each canvas's glossy surface reflecting back the full beam light which had been used. I'd have shot the images myself, but Artist Lane require extra high quality images taken by a professional. I hope their image processing team have managed to salvage something from the image files! It was a total nightmare working with this photographer, they wouldn't release my paintings till I'd paid in full even though I hadn't seen any image previews. I'll definitely not be using them again, ever. Horrible being treated like some sort of shady type who can't be trusted to pay - lesson learnt though!

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